November Highlights & Mold Resources

Construction projects are always happening!!! Blaze, the bearded dragon, enjoyed his upgrade from a glass aquarium to a custom home...   WOW!!!  Who knew that hanging lights on the back porch could be so eventful....  We are SO THANKFUL that this black widow and nest was discovered BEFORE it became problematic!!!   Decor is coming together....cozy,… Continue reading November Highlights & Mold Resources

September: Tile & Air in our home

TILE, TILE & MORE TILE..... Backsplash was one of our hardest decisions and was such a feeling of accomplishment when it was complete!!! Master shower flooring was one more memorable project as the pebbled floor tile looks great on display and comes in tidy 12x12" square sheets....However, they don't fit together like puzzle pieces.  Displays at… Continue reading September: Tile & Air in our home

Purging and Cleaning – You can clean with no chemicals, too!

With getting more organized, has come more purging and cleaning.  Stuff clutters. Stuff overwhelms and despite our planned out closet space, it was time to purge.  It felt great to purge and bless others. Cleaning on the other hand feels like a never ending process which does not lead to the same sense of accomplishment.… Continue reading Purging and Cleaning – You can clean with no chemicals, too!

April: Stonework, shiplap and egg hunts

April was full of little projects, getting organized, baseball games and trying to live life while continuing to settle into our new house..... A multi-step project which Craig has will look amazing when it's finished and ultimately, there will be benches on each side in the nooks. Projects under construction make for creative places… Continue reading April: Stonework, shiplap and egg hunts

February & Pitiful paint and texture with VOCs

We are making progress....a driveway really helps to complete a house...and helps with less dirt coming in the house... Cleaning up the front yard and hauling away trash seemed ongoing... Tackling our list of projects...the start to the fireplace... Shiplap in the boys bathroom... Shelves to organize the homeschool room... First injury in the new… Continue reading February & Pitiful paint and texture with VOCs

December Decisions & Countertops

Maximizing the month of December... Laundry and mudroom tile...Blake discovered that his favorite part was grouting... Craig installed 16 doors and trimmed 20 windows... Master bathroom is coming together... Boys' bathrooms are getting finished... Outside house color was determined....color matched to a hardie board sample... Each board was individually stained by the Walkers and a… Continue reading December Decisions & Countertops