We have lived the journey and now it's written in a book so you may be encouraged as WORDS MATTER along our journey & YOURS! It's an easy short read! Three challenging houses taught me words matter on my journey & yours... 1st challenging house: Toxic Chinese drywall house with a sinkhole 2nd challenging… Continue reading DEMO DAY BOOK

November Highlights & Mold Resources

Construction projects are always happening!!! Blaze, the bearded dragon, enjoyed his upgrade from a glass aquarium to a custom home...   WOW!!!  Who knew that hanging lights on the back porch could be so eventful....  We are SO THANKFUL that this black widow and nest was discovered BEFORE it became problematic!!!   Decor is coming together....cozy,… Continue reading November Highlights & Mold Resources

September: Tile & Air in our home

TILE, TILE & MORE TILE..... Backsplash was one of our hardest decisions and was such a feeling of accomplishment when it was complete!!! Master shower flooring was one more memorable project as the pebbled floor tile looks great on display and comes in tidy 12x12" square sheets....However, they don't fit together like puzzle pieces.  Displays at… Continue reading September: Tile & Air in our home