Leaking GAS Cooktop

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How can something which looks so nice cause such frustration?!?!?

While this month was packed full of celebrating our oldest son’s birthday, Craig beginning a new job and traveling for training as well as celebrating Thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas, we were trying to find a resolution to our leaking gas cooktop.

In August, we noticed the GAS COOKTOP LEAKING because of the smell. When Craig installed the hood vent cover above the range, he covered the cooktop with a sheet to protect it. After removing the sheet, there was an obvious smell of gas despite the fact that the safety knob was turned to the ON position. The serviceman inspected, ordered parts and returned a few weeks later to replace three of the valves. A couple of weeks later, my oldest son was sitting across the kitchen when he told me that he smelled gas. As I walked into the kitchen, my nose smelled what his nose was smelling. Again, we turned the main gas line off – which is located behind the drawers – our middle drawer became a permanent fixture on our kitchen island. Why the drawer on the island? If not, then it would have broken from removing and replacing it every time we used the cooktop, which is usually multiple times each day. The new way to cook was to turn on the main valve before lighting the stove and making sure it was off as soon as the food was cooked. The second round of the leaking meant that a different serviceman visited our house and discovered three of the five valves were leaking and ordered multiple parts to replace all of the valves on his return visit. His return visit never happened as they could not obtain the parts for weeks upon weeks. After multiple persistent phone calls, the warranty company refunded the cost of the cooktop, minus the tax paid.

We were at a crossroad of which cooktop to replace it with! If you read our August and September posts, then you know that our house was built very tightly and we had a build-up of carbon dioxide until our hvac was properly installed to ventilate fresh air through the house. We had been like a tight box which needs a straw to breathe. Replacing with another gas cooktop in my already tight house was concerning. My phone conversation with the warranty guy was not comforting as he has not allowed his wife to purchase a gas cooktop due to the warranty issues he comes across on a regular basis.

Once again, I researched and read the pros and cons. There is not a shortage of articles when you search “gas cooktop health warning.” Yet, the reality was that many appliances are limited supply and the ordering process was extensive. We look forward to our new electric cooktop.


NOTE: As of this update on January 26th, we are hopeful the electric cooktop ordered will arrive within a few days. Yes, this has been on-going since August and we look forward to our kitchen drawer being back in its place and off of our kitchen island.

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