XL epic wipes & our favorite hand sanitizer

A flat tire on the way to a job interview….doesn’t that only happen in the movies? NOPE! Craig had an early morning of driving about two hours north for his current job, and was then starting to head back to town when he hit something in the road. IMMEDIATE FLAT TIRE! He was able to pull into a post office parking lot where two different people asked if he needed help, and he said no thank you. The third person which came along didn’t ask, but instead said he couldn’t just sit and watch him while he wife ran into the post office. This stranger was not only a great help, but when his wife came out of the post office she had XL epic wipes. Craig was able to clean off the grease and get back on the road! He still had to ask to move his interview time back a little, but it was a good perspective reminder as we were thankful it wasn’t a worse situation. Oh and yes he was offered the new job!

Two months of having this vehicle – so thankful we purchased the tire warranty!

Hand sanitizer. It has become more commonly used than soap. Does the strong smell bother anyone other than just me? The standard clear jelly in a bottle with little bubbles inside gives me a headache. It is not easy being sensitive to smells, but the smell of hand sanitizer might be my nose and your nose warning that there’s not great chemicals inside the latest mass use of hand sanitizer. It was interesting to me, so I read more about it and I also found a hand sanitizer which I enjoy using – and receive compliments by others around me when I use it!

In an article dated October 5th, by Dr. Pompa, stated “In more recent news, the FDA banned an additional 28 active ingredients in over-the-counter hand sanitizer sold in the US. This has resulted in the ban of over 150 different kinds of hand sanitizing sprays that were being sold on the shelves across the country. One of the ingredients banned includes the commonly used ingredient benzethonium chloride.”

You do your research and read the ingredient labels. As for our family, we use…

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