Tight house & carbon dioxide build-up (part 2)

As you read in part 1, last month, the problem of a tight house and carbon dioxide build-up is real! It doesn’t have to be a hard, long drawn out fix….yet our journey to get there was difficult….since there’s not a money tree in the back yard we continued to have hope in the company that they would correct the install. This turned into an additional 27 visits since they installed the correctly-sized units and dehumidifiers. There was a series of blunders with the installation, ductwork, and unforeseen issues, culminating in a very costly resolution. After over six months, we took on the huge expense of correcting the mistakes of the air conditioning company. 

It was about this same time we discovered that our on-going issue of the refrigerator’s breaker flipping was not in fact a refrigerator issue, leaving us baffled as to why the service guys could never figure it out. We discovered that the installation of additional electrical outlets for the dehumidifiers over six months prior had placed them on the circuit dedicated to the refrigerator. Yikes! We are thankful that the breaker merely flipped and that there was not a worse outcome. We grappled with frustration over the additional service visits to our home for the refrigerator, which had been not only inconvenient and needlessly costly, but had left us with the stressful practice of regularly checking on our refrigerator throughout the day to make sure it was on so that no food would spoil. 

Isn’t this just like life where we don’t realize how one problem is affecting and complicating something else? Do you need to step back and look at your life’s big picture and evaluate the details and the possible root cause of the bigger problem?

As I think about that key step of the equipment being interlocked, I think about another life lesson I have learned more recently. While reading definitions of the word “interlock,” I read that it can be a verb or a noun. It is to lock together two or more things that fit together. Some synonyms are engage, interlink, and mesh. An antonym is disengage. With my health journey, I have learned the profound connection of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Physical illness can show us changes needed in our bodies and lives. 

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