3D Printer Safety & Sunscreen Safety

For the past six months, our youngest son has been making great strides and great items with his 3D Printer.  At his age, we were using markers and crayons, but a nine year old these days has an amazing use of technology.  It has been fun watching him learn how to slice, use files and print on his 3D printer.  Prior to the shut down, he learned some entrepreneur skills as he made and sold some cell phone holders.  With such a machine, there came the conversation of where to place it as one online search made it clear that my mommy gut was on target for it to not be placed in his bedroom.  A well ventilated space is a must and a bedroom or other closed space is not a good option since the heating of the plastic filament generates toxic fumes.  So, his 3D printer has a designated spot in the garage where the item can print with the garage door open or aired out after it prints an item over night. It’s not an item we ever planned to have in our garage, but it fits nicely between the Christmas boxes and other garage stuff.

Smell of toxic plastic melting is not the only smell to consider.  The smell of sunscreen lotion may be something for you to consider – and even beyond the smell is the list of ingredients….

UnknownHeading out the door for the fun in the sun….                                       Which sunscreen do you use?

Fun in the sun!  Towel, sunglasses, bucket of toys…and sunscreen.  With one of my sons, we went through multiple sunscreen lotions to find one which did not bother his skin.  On two different occasions when he was a baby, he cried when I used a great smelling milk and honey lotion… months later he was diagnosed with a milk allergy and to this day still doesn’t eat products with honey.  His little cry and red skin were telling me that what is put on externally makes a big difference. Through that process of trial and trashing of bottles of sunscreen, I recognized the obvious…what goes on our skin goes into our skin and thus absorbed into our blood.  His sensitivity to sunscreen led us to a journey of our family using a healthy alternative.  It was a blessing in disguise to keep us from some of the toxins of the popular bottles on the shelf.  I read that the Journal of the American Medical Association reported potentially toxic levels in the body of common chemical filters (such as oxybnezone, which is estimated to be in about 70% of sunscreens) after using for a day.  Furthermore, studies have shown that sunscreen lotions cause hormone disruption because of the way the UV filter can mimic hormones. I won’t bore you with more details of the research, but know that reading labels are important and that sunscreen should NOT irritate the skin.

Sunscreens our family chooses to use…..

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Badger sunscreen products

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