Mold in a beach condo & We love Essential Oils

A beautiful sunset evening for my birthday….interrupted by mold!

BUMMER was when we opened the door to this privately owned condo…we smelled MOLD. The plan was a weekend getaway for my birthday / mother’s day. That didn’t happen! With a quick glance at the room, the a/c unit and curtains were covered. One theory is moisture had gotten in and then with the unit not being used the previous two months during the stay at home orders, the mold had a wet, humid, hot environment to bloom and spread. For anyone who has experienced this, please know that mold can not just be wiped down. The spores are in the air and treatment is needed. Immunolytics for petri dishes and BioBalance for a natural fogging solution. Don’t take mold lightly – it’s a big deal and can turn your life upside down! Mold is a bad four letter word!



Over six years ago, we began using essential oils and have been so thankful for them on many occasions! A friend’s link below is a great overview if you have ever considered using them.

Some of our favorites…

Tangerine – AMAZING for reducing swelling

Orange – it’s calming and a happy oil

Lavender and valor – great for relaxing and sleeping at night

Peppermint – it’s just an all around uplifting favorite

Frankincense – amazing healing oil which has been so beneficial to me

Thieves – great preventative when starting to feel yucky

My list could go on and on….if you have any questions or ever want to talk oils, feel free to reach out to me at

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