Spring garden & ducks which don’t fly

While our world went to a very slow pace almost overnight with a stay at home order, there was extra time for projects. A planned project was building and planting a garden…

Then a spontaneous thing happened….we bought baby ducks! Our older sons had experienced the fun of raising baby ducks, so when our boys asked again it seemed like a fine time to enjoy being outside with ducks. With a visit to the feed store, fluffy yellow ducks came home with us and a cage was built. The family of four ducks went to three when a fox came around at dusk. Unfortunately, it was our youngest son’s duck which did not survive the fox’s visit. During our trip back to the feed store, I bought three more! One was a replacement duck, the second was a spare duck and the third was for ME! With the plan to let them live on the lake near us, that plan changed when we discovered that they were DUCKS WHICH DON’T FLY! Did you know that Indian Runner Ducks don’t fly? It made it more fun to learn about them, watch them grow, take their first swim and even enjoy being held. Some people say there’s safety in numbers with six ducks, yet the fox family still lurked around. Seven weeks later, the duck family received an upgrade in life from our back porch and plastic kiddie pool to a family who owns four acres with a pond — they had an established duck and goose family for them to join.


They stand erect like a penguin, but run instead of waddle

They especially enjoy rooting for bugs in the ground

They can scramble over a few feet high but can not sustain flying

An unusual spring in many ways, but one where we will remember a quiet Easter day while carrots were growing outside and decorating inside.

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