Projects & Parenting

Projects off of the to do list is always a good thing around here…

BLINDS on windows – cross it off!  Temporary paper window shades stayed on the windows longer than we expected but it was past time for the real window blinds.  Two inch white blinds on each window and the house felt more complete!

BARN DOORS BUILT & HUNG – cross it off the to do list!  A little hint if you ever build a barn door….Craig recommends wood glue instead of biscuit cutter.  The biscuit cutter seemed more professional, but the wood glue approach turned out much better – and was quicker!

HOMESCHOOL DESK – cross it off and enjoy the workspace! Four work stations in one desk! One on each end and two in the middle! This was a great custom design and labor of love which became known as the ‘quarantine project’ for the three weeks which Craig worked from home.


We have the privilege and responsibility of parenting. What does that have to do with a house blog? A house is more than walls, ceiling and flooring. It’s a home and the place to pour into your family. A home is where a family should feel safe and loved. A few books which have been a great resource include the list below (not listed in any specific order).

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