First Christmas…

A family tradition seemed so much easier this year….(A.) Was it because we had built a whole real house so a gingerbread house seemed much easier?  (B.) Was it because I bought a pre-constructed gingerbread house with all necessary items included? (C.) Both A & B


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…this was a great time of celebrating while having new neighbors come join us for an open house, as well as friends and family throughout the season…


There seemed to be a theme continued…one more house to build and decorate…One day, our boys might out grow cardboard boxes, but they won’t outgrow their love for decorating and hanging lights!


A new kitchen meant a higher standard of baking for Mom…. Allergen friendly yule log, free of gluten/grains, dairy, eggs, nuts, soy was very moist, tasty and gone in one day!  The cut-out cookies were fun to make!


Barn doors for the bedrooms was the next on the “to do list” of projects…


Pinterest inspired nook in the laundry room was fun and practical….great place for the laundry baskets (and mounds of dirty clothes) along with the bar to hang wet clothes.  Adding the quote “The most memorable days…usually end with the dirtiest clothes” was so fitting for our home of three boys!


With recognition that social media and blogs often look like everything is picture perfect, we will take this opportunity to make sure that you don’t feel that way about our blog…. we are a real family doing real life, and here’s proof…  our youngest son’s bed came a part… just a regular Sunday afternoon and there was NO monkeys jumping on the bed…screws just stripped…just hours before we were hosting a house full of people!  With some long bolts, the bed is not going anywhere….literally won’t go out of the room unless it’s dismantled for good… 🙂


Looking back on 2019… Here’s an excerpt from our an annual ABC’s of 2019…

House projects including Craig building the fireplace stonework, shiplap and

trim, benches beside the fireplace, mudroom project, bookshelves, pantry

door, barn doors & countless finishing details

Incredible list of circumstances which were not related to the great job Craig did

as owner-builder of our home…a fruit bat in the laundry room, cricket chirping

in the wall and moving throughout the house for two weeks, dishwasher

leaked, refrigerator hose repaired twice, microwave sparking and serviced

twice, bathroom leaked into the closet as the overflow was not sealed upon installation,

ceiling fan in bonus room stopped working, kitchen sink leaked when the compost

bucket wedged by the pipe fitting – no composting for now, new dryer serviced

multiple times, roof leak because an H clip was not turned properly, septic tank

plugged in wrong so shorted out the pump and had to be replaced, well panel stopped

working from a manufacturer default, back porch tongue ‘n groove beveled and had to

be fixed, downstairs air conditioner coils replaced, black widow spider with

three eggs sacs on the back porch, Beckett broke his right big toe running

up the stairs (February), Beckett broke his left big toe when he dropped his hover

board at the bottom of the steps (Easter)

Journey of learning to look past our circumstances and…

Knowing that God is faithful and in control! blog to log our journey and share what we learned along the

way of building a healthy home – viewed in 30 countries to date

Mold detox for Melissa and the challenges which came with health effects of the

mold toxicity from our rental house last year

Numerous hours of playing on the X-large slip’n slide in the backyard (summer)

Oh this letter is getting long this year….


A healthy home is one where marriage and family are prioritized.  Here’s a couple of our favorite resources…



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