November Highlights & Mold Resources

Construction projects are always happening!!! Blaze, the bearded dragon, enjoyed his upgrade from a glass aquarium to a custom home…


WOW!!!  Who knew that hanging lights on the back porch could be so eventful….  We are SO THANKFUL that this black widow and nest was discovered BEFORE it became problematic!!!



Decor is coming together….cozy, fun and simple is the goal!


‘Tis the season for installing Christmas lights…..two years of not decorating while in a rental led to extra excitement this season…




Mold is a four letter bad word!  It can be overcome and does not have to be a part of your home thanks to these great resources!

After sharing about our mold exposure experience (see blog posts May & June 2019), we have been asked about resources.  We’d like to share those resources with you as preventing mold and catching it before it becomes a bigger issue is so important…

A great way to confirm if the mold is problematic is with these easy to use petri dishes from Immunolytics….

Immunolytics – Simple, affordable mold test

A friend had great success with CitriSafe’s cleaning solution while remodeling their bathroom.  She felt like it thoroughly cleaned away the visible mold…

Also, they have great products for pets and even laundry detergent…

CitriSafe – Protocols and products for a healthy life

Lastly, mold spores are airborne and Bio-Balance solution is a dry fogging solution which reduces and removes the mold spores.  Best of all it’s made with natural / non-toxic ingredients!!!

Bio-Balance Now – Fixing mold problems naturally

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