September: Tile & Air in our home


Backsplash was one of our hardest decisions and was such a feeling of accomplishment when it was complete!!!

Master shower flooring was one more memorable project as the pebbled floor tile looks great on display and comes in tidy 12×12″ square sheets….However, they don’t fit together like puzzle pieces.  Displays at the store are deceiving as we tried three styles!  That’s where a late night of placing individual stones between the 12×12″ sheets came in handy…..Where there’s a will there’s a way!  Great work Craig, Blake and Beckett!

Pictures don’t adequately show this farmhouse looking tile which completes the bathroom for our oldest son!!!

UnknownVOLLARA: air purifier covers up to 3,000 square feet

Back in the day prior to kiddos, we were distributors for air purifiers.  Our Alpine, then later named EcoQuest air purifier, was a part of each of our houses…until right before me moved into our rental house (which ended up having mold).  It broke and we knew it would be replaced once in our new house…not sure why, other than the busyness of life, we didn’t purchase one while living in our rental house – a definite regret!  So, with Alpine and EcoQuest no longer in business, we searched for the same technology and found it in VOLLARA.

This NASA space tech certified air purifier covers up to 3,000 square feet.  It’s doesn’t function like most air purifiers where it depends upon the air to pass through the box.  The ionization and low level ozone recreates nature outside after a rainstorm to clean the air.  Centrally placed in the home and up high, ours always sits above the refrigerator cabinets.  With an easy cleaning of the unit, and no filters to replace, it’s cost effective and low maintenance!

One more important thing to us….it’s made in USA!!!


Fresh Air Surround





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