August & All things Magnolia Anniversary

August flew by, but ended with a great anniversary celebration…and HUGE SURPRISE!  MY favorite GC (Owner-Builder Hubby) and I met Fixer Upper’s GC Chip Gaines…IMG_9929While we don’t watch a lot of television, we have watched Chip & JoAnna Gaines HGTV show where they took on many fixer uppers and made a house feel like a home.  With our past experience of remediating our chinese drywall/sinkhole house, redoing a foreclosure house which we lived in for six years and then recently building our current healthy home for our family, we had in our mind that it’s fun and rewarding to work together and let our kids join in.  We have great respect for the Gaines family as we share their values of integrity, hard work, perseverance and faith.

We were long overdue for an anniversary getaway.  With Southwest Points, a Companion Pass which was earned from spending so much on the house last year, as well as hotel points, we decided to explore all things Magnolia in Waco, Texas.  The plan was to not have a plan and to go celebrate and explore with Craig.  With an early morning flight on our anniversary, we went to Magnolia Table for brunch.  With perfect timing, we did not wait long and enjoyed the friendly atmosphere.  I had prayed for something extraordinary as God directed our steps that day.  It was unexpected when our waitress introduced us to Ms. Stevens, Joanna Gaines’ mom.  As we walked out of Magnolia Table, we agreed that was fun!


Our exploring began as we headed to the The Magnolia Market…the Silos, The Seed & Supply and relaxed under the covered patio while enjoying a White Peach Lemonade and Strawberries ‘n Cream cupcake.  A short distance away we visited the Harp Design Co. and Shop on Bosque.

After relaxing at the hotel, we decided that a light dinner would be a good thing so we headed to a deli for a salad.  That’s where we had our truly unexpected extraordinary!  The Gaines family was eating dinner.  While not wanting to be ‘one of those people’ to interrupt their dinner, we waited to say hello.  Joanna took the baby out before we said hello, but as Chip was leaving with the other kiddos, we said hello.  A brief but friendly interaction confirmed that he appears to be the same on and off TV in his white t-shirt, jeans and cowboy boots. He was happy to oblige us with a picture!


Craig kept saying he couldn’t believe the odds.  I just wanted to know whose idea (Chip or Jo) it was to eat there as I knew it was an answer to my prayer for an extraordinary experience.

To me this wasn’t about a star struck moment, but about a great opportunity to tell him “thank you for being a part of our faith journey.”  With our house journey over the past ten years of a chinese drywall / sinkhole house, redoing a foreclosure house and calling it home for six years, and then building our own modern farmhouse, it was after many hours of watching Fixer Upper that made it look fun and doable to us.  As a family, we have listened to their books on audio so our boys have heard their amazing story, as well as their hard work and a never give up attitude.

The next day, we continued with a plan to see a few things, but to not rush or be on a schedule.  So, we headed out to Jimmy Don’s metal shop and then the antique stores in MacGregor.  We headed back to town to do the touristy thing and experience the Dr.Pepper Museum.  With a short walk to the Silos, we happened upon a few cute places on the way.  The Cheddar Box food truck and Silo Bakery became dinner.  DELICIOUS gluten free at both places!!!  With a spontaneous check of the movie schedule, we went to see Overcomer.  GREAT movie!  Go see it!

With our last few hours in Waco the next morning, we saw the crowds which we had not seen at brunch two days ago.  Magnolia Table’s To-Go area was great for us.  Strawberry butter and the bread basket.  Afterwards, a beautiful morning stroll across the cattle bridge was so relaxing, followed by driving around to see Baylor University’s beautiful campus.  With a quick stop at the Silos for a tea, lunch and to bring cupcakes and cookies home – WOW – the Saturday crowd!

So thankful for the time we had there on our anniversary with no crowd!  So thankful for our no stress getaway!  So thankful for my husband who loves me, who is a great Daddy to our three boys, who has truly persevered through hard house situations & who built, with tons of sweat equity and lessons along the way for our boys, a healthy home for our family!

WHAT’S NEXT…???  We are getting ready for September….we have plans for it to be a big month of finishing projects & letting you know about what we have learned about healthy air in houses!  Please enter your email and follow this blog,  if you have not already done so! 🙂

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