Purging and Cleaning – You can clean with no chemicals, too!

With getting more organized, has come more purging and cleaning.  Stuff clutters. Stuff overwhelms and despite our planned out closet space, it was time to purge.  It felt great to purge and bless others. Cleaning on the other hand feels like a never ending process which does not lead to the same sense of accomplishment.  You know the clean floors…until the dog goes outside or the teenager walks through without taking off his shoes.  You know the empty laundry basket…until an hour later when everyone gets a shower and it’s full again.  You know the clean kitchen…until someone says “I’m hungry.” Cleaning has become better though since we discovered a company with more cost effective chemical free products.  Keep reading below to the “The Healthy House” section to learn more about what is benefiting our family and yours can too.

This busy month of July flew by.  Four Tuesday nights of hosting the middle school boys from church was a highlight.  Pastor Andrew prayed the first night for the group to not just be hearers of the word but also doers.  Almost three years prior, he preached on that very topic the week we felt led to put in an offer on the very land which our home now sits.  It’s simple truth, yet not easy to do what we hear and know we should do.

The fireplace….an ongoing project has come together very nicely…decor to come…


With hurricane season approaching, a generator was moved up on the to do list.  After experiencing a hurricane two years prior, we knew that our area of town is the very last on the grid to regain power.  With our new given circumstances of a well and septic…let’s just say without power nothing works.  HUGE LESSON we learned:  We ordered the generator and pad below online, submitted the permit and coordinated the electric and gas install.  This was HALF the cost of calling a local generator company to purchase it and have it installed.  You may never build your own house like us, but learn from us that there’s often a less expensive way to do a project!


Decision 1,852….backsplash decision made!  It might not have been 1,852 decisions, but that’s what it has felt like even though we have not kept track!  Some decisions have come easier than others!  The backsplash has been one of the hardest, but we are now excited to see it tie the kitchen together!


Rock shopping!  Something I never thought about doing…we went shopping for rocks.  Not all rocks look the same and not all rocks weigh the same!  That was important when considering which rock.  The goal was 1 big rock to anchor the look of the flowerbed and then 7 stones to remember the 7 homes we have lived in throughout our married life as Mr. & Mrs.



Heat and humidity did not stop this project…. looks so much better than the weeds!




Over the past few years, we have been working to limit cleaning chemicals in our home.  Did you know that toxic chemicals in everyday cleaning products are linked to organ toxicity, act as hormone disruptors, and are respiratory irritants as they contain  ingredients such as sodium laureate sulfate, diethanolamine (DEA), 1,4-dioxane, and the list goes on…  We like to clean without human carcinogens.

Many non-chemical or natural cleaning alternatives are good, but are not cost effective and convenient.  So, a few months ago we learned about Norwex.  Skeptical at first with their simplicity and effectiveness, so we did our research.

Norwex.  This Canadian based company celebrates their 25th anniversary this year. We have been impressed with their company and the BackLock technology.  But does Norwex work???  We have put them to the test….


Stainless steel wipe put it to the test:  The front of our new refrigerator had a sticky residue which we could not get off.  We had tried multiple things.  Then, we bought the Norwex stainless steel wipe and our youngest son was able to rub off the residue!  GONE!  This is one of my favorite Norwex products!! Despite my efforts to limit chemicals in our home over the past couple of years, the usual stainless steel wipes worked and I continued to use them despite their terrible chemical odor.  So glad they are a stinky thing of the past!

Countertop cloths: Super handy, easy to use, and a perfect size!

Bath mitt: AMAZING!  I was having a love / hate relationship with our new stand alone tub.  Loved how it looked and hated cleaning it as it felt like a huge chore!  The bath mitt made an amazing difference as the ring around the tub wipes off easily!


Dusting mitt:  No smelly dusting spray and kids think it’s fun to dust. Do I need to say anymore?

Pillowcases for our teenagers: Trying these out as it makes sense that a pillowcase impacts skin complexion since our faces are lying against it for hour each night.  A bacteria free pillowcase can only help and not hurt.

Here’s a link to order and try for yourself…



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