Busyness of June & Mold and Metal Toxicity (part 2)

Life is not always an “easy road” – in fact the road has a hole again…so, our driveway guy was called to come fix the paver which was missed and repair the hole in the road…

This is symbolic for us right now as we continue to face a lot of adversity and feel like it’s a rocky path with pot holes and obstacles.

Having contractors show up to finish the last of the work to make it all correct and complete comes with challenges.  Despite the new house punch list, we continue to have unexpected “potholes.”

On a Sunday night, the septic tank pump stopped working.  The cords had been plugged in wrong so over time it had been over powering the pump and it eventually burnt up, and fortunately the installer had zip tied the cords together so there was no question that it was their error.  A new pump was installed on Monday.  On Thursday, the well stopped working.  The control panel was giving odd errors and it was sent back to the manufacturer to determine if it was a faulty system or was the result of a power surge.  Hopefully it comes back faulty so that we can recoup some of the money which we had to give to the hole in the ground (ie. well).  The blessing…generous neighbors who allowed us to run three connected together hoses to their well, through our water filter and into our house until it was fixed two days later.

We were recently asked if we would build a house again with our given craziness…Our answer is yes as all of Craig’s hard work has not resulted in any issues.  It’s the random craziness of work done by contracted subs.

Despite our circumstances of house projects, unexpected bills from various places, health lab work not coming back improved as expected, we choose to trust and look for God in the details of our lives.  He is there and we are reminded of His faithfulness to us over the years!

We continue to have a lot of opportunity for perseverance and practice of looking past our current circumstances….continuing efforts to become organized…

Taking time to look back on five years ago and how blessed we are with our three growing boys…

UnknownMold & Metal Toxicity – Part 2 of 2

Our bodies are so intricately and wonderfully made!  Unfortunately, a large percentage of the population does not regularly detox as easily as other people.  This has led me to learn more about the MTHFR genetic mutation which over 30% of the population has.  Despite the MTHFR or not, we are all exposed to metals and when there’s an accumulation in our bodies then it too weakens our immune system.  When mold toxicity is discovered, then metal toxicity should be tested.  Surprisingly to us, lead toxicity appeared in a higher level than acceptable on my labwork.  Thankful it wasn’t mercury but lead isn’t okay either.  Metal detox can be complicated.  The good thing is that my doctor was searching for a root cause and not just treating symptoms.

Reading and educating myself was important to me as I discovered that lead can come from a lot of unknown sources including exhaust fumes, plastics, contaminated food or water.  Also, it can be passed along in utero up to four generations from what research has shown.  Our bodies are bombarded so it once again reminds me of the importance of limiting the toxic load to our bodies as much as possible.

As with many illnesses, there are numerous possible symptoms.  Everyone is affected differently and symptoms overlap other illnesses.  The list of symptoms below is not complete, but a list of those which are consistent among various resources, depending on an individuals toxicity exposure and immune system.

chronic fatigue / extreme exhaustion beyond just being tired

respiratory irritation / shortness of breath / coughing / sneezing / asthma

brain fog / trouble concentrating and/or focusing

nervous system challenges

weekend immune system

ice pick pain / headaches / tingling / vertigo

light and/or noise sensitivity

blurred vision

joint pain / aches / muscle cramps / morning stiffness / muscle weakness

difficulty with word recollection / retrieval

insomnia / night sweats

anxiety / mood swings / irritability / heart palpitations

excessive thirst

nausea / metalic taste


A diagnosis can be bitter sweet as it helps you know that you are not imaging the symptoms, yet leads to a journey to restore your health.  One day at a time.


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