Memorable May & Mold and Metal Toxicity

We love our front door! There’s a lot of special details about our house, but the front door tops the list.  The heart shapes on the outside and inside are special to us.  When we prepped the land to build, there was one invasive cherry laurel tree which was cut down.  One of the stumps was twisted and resulted in a heart shape!  To us, it was a reminder of God’s details in creation!

While visiting the Ark Encounter (highly recommend a road trip to KY to experience yourself :), We learned the symbolism of doors in the Bible….the door on the ark closed and kept Noah and his family safe during the flood, during Passover the blood above the doors meant safety for the firstborn, inner doors of the temple were significant, as well as the tomb’s door/stone rolled away meant Jesus rose form the dead and confirmed He was the Son of God.  He came so that we can choose to have a relationship with Him and enter the door of Heaven.

Later in the month….

Wednesday night, May 29th…. while going into the laundry room to wash clothes, I looked up to the high ceilings with dark light, it first appeared from a distance that we had a wasp nest forming….as Craig went up the ladder, he discovered it was a little bat…he captured it into the boys’ butterfly cage and returned it back to the outdoors where he needs to stay.  HOW? WHEN? WHY? We don’t know….but what we do know is that we like critters outside and not inside!

Critters we have around are a family of four Sandhill Cranes, two small foxes, an owl, gopher turtle and obviously bats…

Another unexpected sight….Craig’s “just because” to make me smile….



This has been a hard blog to write.  While we built this house to have safe materials, due to our past chinese drywall house, we had no idea of how important a healthy house would be for our family.  While building, we rented a house, which was a blessing in many ways, yet my fatigue and feeling bad made a lot more sense when my labwork showed mold toxicity. 

“Where in the world? Was it really happening that we have lived in multiple toxic house?”  Unfortunately, we learned the answer was yes.  Mold toxicity is so underestimated and misunderstood, so I let my guard down and share, in hopes that it will help someone else….hopefully at least one person from the 22 countries which have viewed our blog over the past year…

Mold & Metal Toxicity – part 1 of 2

YIKES! What in the world…. you had mold in your rental house? Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

The good thing with a diagnosis is that it’s not my imagination that I am over the top exhausted or any other side effects associated with this.  The bad thing is that no one wants mold toxicity. It wrecks havoc on your health!

The specific mold which showed up in my bloodwork was confirmed with petri-dishes which we placed in our rental house and sent away to a lab.  We ordered the petri dishes, placed one on the counter in the kitchen and the other on the counter in the master bathroom for an hour.  Boxed them up.  Mailed them away and received a very detailed yet easy to read report, along with a follow-up phone call with the lab which answered additional questions.  We had a great experience with Immunolytics and I am VERY thankful that we were able to know specifically that the mold in my labwork was the same as the rental house. This gave more peace of mind as the first step to detoxing is to remove the mold or move from the source.  Both showed “ochratoxin a.”  It’s not a black mold but it’s more common than people realize and just as harmful.  It affects women more than men.  Mold toxicity of any kind can be very dangerous if not detoxed carefully as it weakens the immune system and can result in other health issues.

This has not been all doom and gloom.  Don’t get me wrong – it has been and continues to be VERY HARD and I pray for the day that I feel myself!  I cling to the details where God has shown me His faithfulness and how He cared so much to orchestrate details.  The first situation which comes to mind is when I was sitting in a doctor’s office almost an hour away receiving an IV treatment to try to boost my immune system. Unfortunately, there was no noticeable benefits.  Yet, it was a day which stands out.  Because I had driven a group of sixth graders, including my middle son to an all day field trip near my doctors office is why I was even there on a Thursday. A lady came and sat next to me in the IV therapy room to receive her IV.  As we talked, she shared with me how a stressful family event and mold toxicity led her to be sitting next to me even though she currently lives in Colorado Springs.  In our brief conversation, we shared our commonalities of being homeschool moms, having previous experience starting a Christian school as well as other similar details in life.  What an encouragement and God orchestrated timing!  Later that evening, she texted some helpful resources to me.  The last text was a devotion from James 1. What she did not know is that very morning I had read James 1 before leaving my house and shared it with my staff at school.  There’s 66 books of the Bible – not only the same book of the Bible but also the same chapter!

Life is not easy but God continues to be faithful throughout our life… despite the circumstances of our Chinese drywall / sinkhole house, circumstances of building our new house and down to the un-coincidental details.  We choose to continue trusting Him.

Side note…In our new house, we added battery operated water alarms under our tubs, through our access panels as well as under our kitchen and bath sinks as a preventative of water damage which could result in mold.

Leak Alert Detector


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