March Surprises & Choosing Carpet Carefully

Surprises can be bad or good…

This was our bad surprise on March 1st…the downstairs tub leaked into the storage closet under the stairs.  We are SO THANKFUL that the concrete slab was sloped towards this closet and not towards the kitchen… the carpet acted like a sponge so the water did not go through any other walls before Craig went into this closet where he shouted “Oh NO!” when the wet carpet squished between his toes!

After two visits from the plumber, we discovered the problem…the overflow on the tub had not been sealed…

The good news is that the Caliwell we applied to all of the studs last summer works!  See our August 5th, 2018 post for more details about this great product we used to prevent mold on the framing lumber.  During this mishap, there was no sign of any mold on the studs and we now have an access panel to this tub.

Not all surprises are bad…there’s good surprises in life like this sweet house warming gift from the Johnsons on an unexpected afternoon….

Surprises come in all forms…we were very surprised back in January to learn that our recently made hurricane shutters were ruined in a fire in their warehouse… it was another surprise in March when they came to install them and their partner company had not sent all of the correct sized shutters…rolling with the surprises and thankful that most of the shutters were installed….


The one and only project which Craig has thrown in the towel…..I was thrilled when he called it quits as I saw this taking countless hours from our family time….he hired a professional which took him four full days to complete the stonework on the exterior of the house…

A much better use of our time is decorating and continuing to get settled with our long list of projects…


A special entryway which includes some of our favorites that we gathered together….  pictures of our boys, the frame with a cross was a gift from Craig’s sister when we moved into our first house. It has hung by our door in other homes we have had.  Wild flowers picked during our summer vacation last year, dried and framed. In addition, the handmade lace made by Great Grandma Bryant and framed for us as a gift from Aunt Marcia. The Walker and Blessed signs were Christmas gifts to me from Craig.UnknownChoosing Carpet Carefully

Drywall. Wood floors. Carpet.  All of these products have been known to affect homes, in different areas across the country, as many were produced with toxic materials.

A large group of people are currently battling a large, well-known carpet company who denies that their carpet is causing any problems.  The reality is that many people are having to move out of their homes which they feel are toxic because of their carpet.

Did you know that carpet out gases for thirty years?

Another unsettling fact is that carpet soaks up all of the off gassing from other items in the home as it acts like a sponge to then release them back.  It’s a “double wammy.”  Our compromise for our family was carpet upstairs in the bonus room.  We did not want the expense or the slipperiness of wood on the stairs and since we don’t spend to many hours in the bonus room, it gives a carpeted area without it being in bedrooms.  We chose a carpet which was OEKO-TEX® certified free from harmful substances.

An area rug… I could have driven myself crazy on this, but I let my nose be the guide.  With our chemical sensitivity, if it’s a mild or no smell to us then it’s at least a reasonable option for us.








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