Joyous January & Wood Floors

Wood floors made in Tennessee….

More of Craig’s great tiling work….and…Closet shelves are kind of like toilet paper – you don’t realize how essential they are until you don’t have them….Beckett learning how to install door handles…

Boxes can pile up…..Pinterest inspired pantry shelves turned out great….

A fun mailbox and looking forward to having a driveway…


WOOD FLOORS made in Tennessee…

Wood flooring took some research.  There have been people who have had a big problem with formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals off gassing. After our Chinese drywall off gassing we took time to research as we didn’t want floors instead of walls to be a problem.

It’s frustrating how common it is for materials such as flooring to be made elsewhere and then a Made In USA be slapped on it.  We were considering a high end flooring  which was an oil rubbed wood floor.  However, during a restless night sleep, I found Craig researching online (this was an odd sight in itself as he’s a great sleeper and doesn’t do middle of the night) and in the wee hours of the morning he came across posts where people had posted information about these high end floors coming in cargo containers from China.  After further research, we found flooring made in Tennessee.  They are 100 percent sourced and produced in America as well as CARB 2 compliant.


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