Essentials: Front door & Cabinets

Front Door installation was done after a couple of late nights…it was a HUGE DIY project!

Normally this time of year we are working as a family to secure a Christmas tree into a tree stand and make sure that it all lines up and is straight.  This year, we had a different project….we got out the level and used it with delicate care.  With our neighbor’s help and his plaining tool, we took off 1/4 inch from the framing boards which made for a perfect fit….AND with a lot of patience, we installed our front door!  Melissa’s favorite part was what we noticed as soon as we stepped back to view the installed door.  A heart shape!  This heart shape resembles the heart shaped tree which we cut down last fall during land prep.  We pray this house is full of love and memories for everyone who enters this front door!


This week’s focus was on the kitchen!  The cabinets were built on site…

Appliances were delivered and it’s really starting to come together!!!

With keeping this transparent, we will share that it’s not all glam without a lot of work…..The hustle and bustle of this week was meeting with a flooring company, soffit and fascia crews (unexpected as the one who said they were available and we felt good about ended up not being able to schedule us as they underestimated the time the project would take), continuing to stay after the roofer, finding out that the cabinet drawer hardware we chose is not available and the countless hours of tiling.


Is it really a big deal to know what your cabinets are made from???  Since kitchen cabinets are often a major source of VOCs and can contain the carcinogen formaldehyde, which may off-gas for years after installation, we stayed away from particleboard cabinets.  Adams Cabinets installs cabinetry which is CARB certified and we could not be happier with their service.  They are at the top of our list of best subs!

We highly recommend them.. Adams MultiCare

Professional Remodeling for Kitchens and Bathrooms

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