A week of thankfulness…

WOW! Our paint color turned out better than we anticipated! We are so thankful!  We are so thankful for so very many things!!! This was a great week of having this construction project look more like a home every day.  We paused to enjoy Thanksgiving with family and talk about our blessings this year, with great anticipation of the new year.

This week….

Sunday:  Main living area of the house was painted & Craig and Braden cleaned the concrete floor before counters were installed

Monday:  Cabinets began being assembled and installed


Tuesday: Front door was delivered – thankful the delivery man did not dump it off of the end of the truck and thankful for neighbors who helped open it up to make sure it was okay



Thursday: A Happy Thanksgiving day spent relaxing, eating turkey, watching the parade and counting our blessings during a quick road trip to Nanny and PopPop’s house

Friday:  Back to work for my favorite tile guy in the whole world (yes, I’m partial as I’m married to him 🙂 Check out his great work below!  He is more than a weekend warrior at Home Depot – he’s a construction expert despite his lack of GC license!  Also, he’s a great teacher to our boys we are pitching in and learning how to tile.

Saturday:  Yikes, how did it become December 1st???



There are a LOT of decisions being made!!!  

Please follow our weekly update so we can share with you….

Which paint options we chose

What we learned about CARB certified cabinets

Why we chose quartz over granite counter tops

Which American made floors we chose

Which water system we chose

and many more decisions!!!


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