Insulation 101

We are so excited about our R-38 insulation on the roof.  It is noticeably cooler inside the house than outside.

The weekend was busy with Craig and helpers adding the R-13. 

Our inspector from the county gave us very positive feedback regarding insulation.  He shared that he has personally seen the molded spray foam with his own eyes and that it is a reality and a problem.

If you missed our post on “Saying Nope to Spray Foam” then check it out here….Anticipation & Saying NOPE to Spray Foam


WHY do they make insulation with formaldehyde when there’s a formaldehyde free version which is NOT more expensive?!?!?!  We are thankful that we heard about the formaldehyde free as there’s no point to having it and warnings of health effects with formaldehyde.  This was one more perk of being Owner-Builder as we were able to choose the healthier option.

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