A week of inspections…

An eventful week of inspections…. Gas inspection passed, Electric inspection passed, HVAC inspection passed AND low voltage wiring passed!

WAY TO GO CRAIG!!! He is solely responsible for the low voltage inspection passing on Friday!  I respect him so much as he has not only taken on this role of Owner-Builder but then took on ordering and installing the low voltage wiring for the televisions, phones and ethernet.  Our boys helped pull wires and be Dad’s assistant on different occasions – great learning opportunity and time with their Daddy!

The exterior framing inspection was passed a couple of weeks ago, so we are moving forward with the exterior…



The current road block for the final inspection (this is a biggie as it gives us the go ahead for insulation and drywall), is a piece of paper, titled the Tie-In Survey, at the county office and the roofer installing the vents.  Hopeful that the beginning of the week will hold good news for both of these items….


October 3rd – 5th:  Toxic Free Healthy Home Makeover

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Toxic Free Healthy Home Makeover Video


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