Old fashioned hard wire…

With the increase of technology, the reality is that you can choose to build a home without any hardwire.  Your ‘Smart TV’ doesn’t need a cable, your cell phone can replace your land line, and your computers can all be Wifi.  “We could, but should we?” became our question.  Our answer was NO, because we will opt for the old fashioned hard wire. In addition, you will get better speeds on your equipment being hardwired vs. having wifi throughout the house.

Blue wire is for the TV above the fireplace

Craig researched and ordered shielded Cat 6 wire for internet and shielded RG-6 coax cable for the TV.  The blue wiring became a father and son project which passed inspection on the first try!  Our TV will have a hard wire.  Our land line will be an option instead of using our cell phones for all calls.  Our computers will be connected to Cat 6 wiring instead of a wifi radiation field as our boys complete their homeschool or play a game online.

Cat 6 and RG-6 wires coming into where the panel box will be placed.

During one of the work days, Copper hung out at the house and especially enjoyed the fresh rain water!  Note to self: Make sure that the property is graded well in the front yard.


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