Opting for ‘dumb’ appliances

We ordered our appliances this weekend!  Over the past couple of months, we had been shopping around and cost comparing.  Crazy how one store may have a cheaper price but then their warranty plan is more than double.  Comparing the bottom line amount was the key for our appliance purchase!

There were a lot of options and we decided on the stainless steel over the black slate as it’s a sharp look, but not sure of the long term feasibility and if it would compliment our ‘classy farm’ decor.

Image result for image ge cafe series black slate
We really like the black slate look and weighed out the pros and cons…to then decide upon the stainless steel.White Kitchen Cabinets. Gray Granite Countertops. New Caledonia Granite from Granite Warehouse. GE Cafe Appliances. White glass and metal Backsplash from Louisville Tile.

Wires, wires everywhere… There’s an enormous amount of electricity in a home, not  including the impact of wifi.

UnknownRadiation from appliances…refrigerators and microwaves top the list.

All refrigerator emit a small amount of radiation.  Most of the radiation comes from the backside.  It is recommended that if a refrigerator shares a bedroom wall, then to not place the bed on the shared wall with the refrigerator.

A smart refrigerator emits a significant amount more RF radiation as it’s a computer.  Wifi is connected to your appliance.  The radiation continually emitted, especially that close to our food, and in the hub of our home was not an option. Thus the ‘dumb appliances’ we chose to buy.  Our life will still be absolutely fine without the modern convenience of seeing inside of our refrigerator, via our phone, while we are away from the house.

As for the microwave, we are working our way away from using the microwave.  Instead of going with the plan to have it built as part of the kitchen island, we will be placing it in the pantry, unplugged unless we are using it. Out of sight – out of mind! 🙂

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