HVAC blunders are like a set of dominoes!

Sometimes you just have to scratch your head and wonder what someone was thinking when they completed the job!  This was the case with the installation of the HVAC.  IMG_5562.JPG

The 2×6 board encasing a tube!  In our minds, it had to go as it blocks the storage area upstairs.  The HVAC company’s supervisor confirmed that when he went by and actually tripped on the board.  To which he called the employee who installed this blunder and asked why in the world he thought this would be okay?!?!  It was changed to be re-routed as he explained that there was no way it would pass inspection.

Then there was the air vent tubing,  they wanted to put a plant shelf in the dining room. NOPE! So, the plan was for them to route it through the pantry ceiling to reach the bedrooms.


With concern of the significant bend, we had them alter this.  Then the framers drop the ceiling down in the pantry to accommodate and the electrician changed the light to be within the new framing.  There are so many dominoes in construction where one thing affects another, which affects another.  Patience as we move through this process and the dominoes line up and fall into place!

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