Beckett’s Video Tour & EMFs and Bees

Craig and Braden’s first of several barn doors….

Master closet barn door unfinished


A video our 7 year old did from his perspective… 



EMFs and bees

As I read online about how honeybees are impacted by cell phones, it makes me more convinced that the EMF’s affect us as well.  Go ahead and google ‘bees and EMFs’ online.  I think you will read much of the same thing which I have…

Over 80 experiments, dating back ten years, conclude that bees are confused when a cell phone is placed near a bee hive.  Researcher in Switzerland found that bees started their strong buzzing noise ten-fold when a cell phone was in use.  Their buzzing warned the other bees to leave the hive.  Unfortunately, the frequency appeared to result in bees flying around in a state of being disoriented and confused.  Suggested causes include that the bee’s God given navigation is dependent upon the earth’s magnetic gravitation which becomes altered with the electromagnetic field caused by the cell phone as well as the theory that their nervous system is injured from the radiation.  Also, an association was suggested that wireless signals were problematic since bees did not return to a hive when a cell phone was near.  Lastly, research indicated that the bee population has decreased by about half over the past thirty years, which correlates with the wide increase of electronic devices.  These studies are not new.

Why does this intrigue me?  It’s confirmation that I’m not imaging the impact that I feel when I use my cell phone. Two months ago, we were on vacation for nine days and I did not use my phone to make phone calls.  The tinnitus that I deal with was minimal to barely noticeable.  When we came back home, I wondered what was different and I dismissed the thought which crossed my mind that my lack of using my phone was a factor.  However, a few weeks later I made a lot of phone calls several days in a row and my ears were very frustrating (tinnitus and itchy feeling) to me throughout the day. As I came across online articles, such as the ones about bees and EMFs, that confirmed in my mind that my cell phone is really messing with me and not just a passing thought.  No, I haven’t thrown my cell phone away, HOWEVER I will most likely talk to you from my land line or on speaker phone mode.



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