Anticipation & Saying NOPE to Spray Foam

Week of August 5th…

The shingles were installed on the roof this week!

The framing lumber mold remediation was finished!

Bath tubs were delivered!

Three big accomplishments and now looking forward to a productive week next week with plumbing, HVAC, electric and the remaining windows to be installed….we have a lot of anticipation about the next steps!!!


Saying NOPE to Spray Foam…

When we began this process, we knew that the insulation was very important.  Our chinese drywall house had the radiant barrier (foil like material which was attached to the roof) and we were pleased at how cool the house remained even during the years it sat vacant as we awaited answers on how to resolve the toxic house issue.  As we wanted to stay away from the blown in insulation, we were thinking we would use the spray foam.    There are several composites, and we were excited that we had found a natural sugar based foam.  However, the more we learned, the more it became clear that it is an option with risks.  Although very popular on home makeover shows on television, we came across several families online who were living a nightmare due to spray foam complications.  Consider this scenario….the roof  is sprayed with an open cell mass of foam and has been adhered to the plywood which lines the interior of the roof.  A leak happens.  The water travels and spreads through the open cell foam. The water seeps into the open cells and stays in the hot humid attic space. This material is now a perfect growing medium. Soon the material grows what no one wants…MOLD.  Mold ridden spray foam then becomes a nightmare, which can likely lead to the removal of the entire roof in order to remove the foam and damage.

Check out : Spray Foam Issues

Photo courtesy of Paul White


So, what are we using???  We are glad you asked as we are very excited about the option we found and have been so pleased with our interactions with their company!!!

greenstar panel image
Photo from and we will share our own when ours are installed

Green Star Panels are hyper-insulation. These panels are highly effective giving an R-38 value, but without the possible risks associated with spray foam. These panels are foam with a radiant barrier on both sided of the panel, but do not adhere to the roof. They are about 2″ off the roof sheathing and allows most of the heat to stay between the sheathing and panel. The heat then rises and escapes out of the ridge vents in the roof. Check out Green Star Panels for more information.




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