A busy week & construction mold – part 1

A busy week….

Dry in on the roof

Can lights and electrical boxes installed

Fireplace installed – still to be lifted onto cinder blocks

Downstairs windows installed

Shingles delivered

Master bath wall was moved into the appropriate position – plumbing is no longer in the master closet

A lot done but not without error….one of the large windows was cracked, a bedroom window has a broken lock and the front windows were ordered wrong as they were suppose to be colonial style — will all be fixed when the rest of the windows and doors are installed.

A BIGGER issue which was NOT part of the plan…..mold on some of the framing lumber and trusses! YIKES!  We left for vacation and came back to learning about mold on lumber these past couple of weeks.  There were a couple of factors….the lumber was so fresh that a couple of pieces had sap running down them.  The trusses were delivered a couple of weeks before framing so this less than ideal timing left them exposed to the outdoor elements.  Then, the summer rain did not help the situation.

There’s a lot of different methods recommended by different people…fumigating, bleach, borax, enzyme solutions, solution made from crab shells, vinegar and tea tree oil, ___ We don’t want to trade one issue for another, so we are researching and praying through this decision we will make this week and update you next week! 🙂

Through our research, Doug Hoffman (Over 30 years of experience as a General Contractor and focus on mold remediation and indoor air quality) is one of the experts who we talked with and read his ebook!
Mold Free Construction eBook


Whether you have been in a bad home situation like ourselves, with toxic drywall or you have never had any issues…mold is not something to just slap drywall over.

We read that lumber, concrete foundation and drywall can release a TON of moisture as well as the moisture from cooking, bathing and washing.  That’s an estimated 2,000 pounds of moisture during the first year of a new house.  The unfortunate part is that we have tightly sealed our homes to make them more energy efficient and fail to open up our windows and let the fresh air inside.

Doug Hoffman’s eBook explains, “People all over the United States are fighting with their Homeowner Insurance carriers, hiring Environmental Attorneys, getting medical advice, or otherwise suffering with mold problems daily.  You don’t have to look far to know that the problems are real.”

Taking steps to minimize moisture through ventilation, air condition systems will be among our steps to take for our healthy home.  We will share with you the research and decision we make for a home air purifier.

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