Rain, rain, go away & Don’t fill your bucket too full…

Rain, rain, go away so that we can have our roof installed.  With the middle of the summer rainy season, we are patiently waiting for a dry day for the roofer to install the dry in on the roof and shingles.

In the meantime, the next step of towards electricity happened.  Can light fixtures and boxes were installed.

Wood + Tools + Daddy Time = Three Boys Idea of Fun

Our boys loved some rainy nights with Craig this week .  They reinforced some walls, with some extra 2×6 or 2x8s…..a place to hang a hammock for a beachy themed bedroom, as well as on top of door openings which will have barn door hardware, and a shelving area in the homeschool room.



Don’t fill your bucket too full….

This analogy, which we heard several years ago, helped me better understand the importance of not overloading our bodies.  Think of your body as a bucket and as you are exposed to the things around you – your body gathers up the air, water, toxins, food, energy from radiation.  The fuller your bucket, the more reactions/allergens/sensitives/overload that your body will have.  Let us back track our story, and you’ll see why this is important to you, too.

Since living in our house with chinese drywall, we have been on a health journey to restore and detoxify from two years of living in a gas chamber like home which was off gassing from the drywall in addition to the other new home construction materials.

It was very puzzling to us why our son had allergic like reactions to healthy foods – why can’t he eat a carrot, a banana — a coughing, watery eye reaction.  Doctor after doctor said his allergens were off the chart and did not have any answers for us, except to keep limiting his diet.  Fast forward, he is a healthy eater and as an eleven year old, he enjoys salads with his homemade olive oil dressing, fruits, veggies and chicken cooked many different ways.  A few of the things which we keep at the forefront of our minds each day to help him feel good and stay healthy include…..1.) a diet of fresh, low histamine foods, (2.) sufficient hours of restful sleep, (3.) minimizing his exposure to chemicals and toxins, and (4.) being aware that too much exposure to electronics makes him feel weak and/or pale in his face.  His filled up bucket appears to be more noticeable than for other people, but all of these things are important for all of us who desire our best health possible.

We  will share more in upcoming blog posts as we are being very selective in the choices which impact our metaphoric bucket of our health….

Referring back to the four points above…

1.) Fresh, healthy diet – information on this would take up a whole different blog, which our son, “Chef Blake” is working on creating

2.) Restful sleep – your mattress, pillows, air flow in your bedroom, etc. are all factors

3.) Exposure to chemicals and toxins – there are so many great options, with less ingredients and you don’t have to spend more – for example, vinegar, baking soda, essential oils, etc. saves us money and is one more little step towards a healthy house

4.) Exposure to electronics / radiation / wifi / dirty electricity — our bodies are constantly being bombarded with more and more.  We will share more about why we are going with “dumb appliances” and not choosing the one with a built in iPad on the refrigerator door as well as other choices throughout our home – which can help your house be a healthy house, too.


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