Framing & Let your nose be your guide…

Framing finale…

Probably the most important and can be the most frustrating part of the building process. This is the bones of your house and you don’t want any of your bones out of place. Be picky at this stage and don’t let things slide. Think about what “extras” you might want behind your walls.  For example extra 2×6 boards for cabinetry, barn door hardware, free standing desktops, securing work space tops, etc… Now is the best time to add plywood to floor the attic space.  We have been very fortunate with our framers…walls are straight, plum and all were placed where they were suppose to be –  except for one!  We have a punch list of items being corrected, but nothing too major. If something doesn’t look right – it probably isn’t, so get out the measuring tape and figure it out.




Let your nose be your guide….

So many people want the new car smell.  It brings a sense of newness and excitement.  However, whether it’s our car or house, the smell of new is not a good thing.  The smell is the volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  The petroleum-based solvents off gassing from the vinyl and plastic is what you are smelling.  Last year, while shopping for a new van, this became a very important factor for us.  We had narrowed the search to 2 different brand vehicles.  As we sat inside of the first one, our son’s eyes became watery and we walked away with a dull headache.  After visiting the second van manufacturer’s dealership, we were thankful that their “new car smell” was barely noticeable and no reactions for any of us.  As we read more online, the manufacture we chose has attempted to reduce VOCs by moving from solvent-based glues to water-based alternatives.

We think back to our chinese drywall house, which the “new construction smell” never dissipated in almost two years while we lived there —- it made a lot more sense to us upon our discovery of our toxic drywall.

During our search for a rental house last summer, we “let our nose be our guide”.  There were houses which we entered and turned right back around and left — the musty smell of mold was not an option.  The alarming smell of construction materials, in houses which were a year old….NOPE, not for us.  We were thankful for our current neutral smelling rental house (even though the house in our backyard has a massive crack due to sinkhole activity – Melissa continues to pray through her fear and we are living knowing that we were led to a rental house with no smelling concerns).

Let your nose be your guide….we have a God given sense of smell and it’s not just for the pan on the stove that you forgot!  Oppps that was me! 🙂

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