Foundation to Trusses Video

Foundation to Trusses: May 12 – June 30, 2018


Preparing for Foundation Video – in case you missed it!




A very simple way to begin making your home a healthy house…

During a trip to Canada, we were asked to not wear shoes inside the house. It was brought to our attention that the United States is one of the few countries which wearing shoes inside a house is acceptable.  In many countries, it is a social norm to remove your shoes at the door.  After a brief search online, it was very clear that there are obvious reasons to leave shoes at the door as a good hygiene practice. Studies from the University of Houston, University of Arizona and Baylor University have been conducted giving the specifics of bacteria found on shoes – more abundant than on toilet seats, but bacteria that can send you to the toilet seat.  We will spare you the long names of bacteria and gross details. Furthermore, keep in mind that your shoes are a traveling buffet of chemicals from the lawn, residue of animal waste, toxic cleaning supplies from the stores and offices you walked through. Also, a perk is that the dirt will not get tracked through the house!


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