It’s coming to life!

It’s coming to life!  Walking through the framed out house makes it feel very real.  The trusses went from being a stack of lumber to framing for the roof.



As our house is now a reality and not just a plan on paper, we are beginning this new addition to our blog which will share healthy house options.  With a big push for “living green”, we have had to dig deeper for research healthy house choices.  The majority of information focuses on green ratings which does not mean best for our health, but rather energy star ratings and water savings.

There is an overwhelming amount of considerations when making decisions for a healthy house.  Just to scratch the surface of the considerations includes materials, wiring, paint, flooring, mattresses, furnishings.  There’s a lot of options out there and we are collecting the facts to make informed decisions. Ultimately the products we choose for our home will be part of what we expose our bodies to every day.  Whether you build a new house or are happily settled in your home, you can learn along with us and help your house be healthier too.


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