What’s the hardest part?

We have been asked….what is the hardest part of being the general contractor / owner-builder on our own house?  Without a doubt, it’s the frustration of people not returning our phone calls.  Over the past few months, we have contacted numerous companies who have given answers which include….we don’t work with individuals, I only do residential if I am broke and starving (click – hung up phone), we aren’t taking on any new business and then the most frustrating is when they say that they will send us a bid within a couple of days – yet, days and weeks pass with no response or follow-up.  This is truly the most mind boggling to us…where is the common courtesy and professionalism that is lost when people do not return phone calls or follow up with a potential new customer and how do they stay in business???  As a good rule of thumb, which we have used, if someone has not called us back within a few days then we have nixed them off the list as we want to be surrounded by supportive professionals.  We feel very thankful that we have the opportunity to work with stellar companies for the surveys, shell of the house, electric, and plumbing so far.

The phone calls and follow-ups are all worth it!!!  This week was very exciting as framing began.  We are thankful that we were able to decide upon the foam board wall insulation and feel good about it being a safe product for our healthy house.  Also, the house is beginning to have life to it as we walked through the marked off hallways.  After memorizing the floorpan over the past year and then walking through it was very surreal.  Our boys were especially excited to check out the beginning of their new rooms!

Looking forward to next week “The Flying Trusses”

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