Patience is a virtue

We all know the cliche “patience is a virtue.”  This week has been an opportunity to live it out.  There was not any physical progress on the house, and despite our eagerness to live in our new home – we have chosen to be patient (defined as waiting without complaining).  Maybe it’s easier to be patient because we have been working hard to shop for options for the roof, exterior color, well pump shed, etc.  In fact, our rental house is beginning to have a collection of samples.  It’s our own design center!

IMG_3066 2

Fun story….Our youngest son, seven years old, and I went out to lunch after Vacation Bible School this week.  He came out of the restaurant’s restroom and said, “Mom, come in here look at this.”  As he took me by the hand, he pointed out and said, “This faucet is really nice.” To which I replied, “Yes, Beckett, it is very nice.  It’s called oil rubbed bronze.”  I was very proud of my little owner-builder in training as I don’t think many seven year olds are noticing faucet fixtures.  This was a reminder that our journey is making an impact on our boys and hopefully they too will learn to wait without complaining.

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