Timing is Everything!


I have thought a lot this week back to Summer 2009 — it was this week in June when we discovered that we had chinese drywall.  I vividly remember standing in my master bedroom closet, packing and not knowing where we were going to move to “ASAP” to get out of the toxic house.  Fun story to look back upon (as it wasn’t fun at the time)….On a Wednesday morning, I went to see a rental house and called Craig on the way home to say…NO WAY – it’s dark and dirty!!! I then took a detour and drove through a different neighborhood where there was a house on a corner lot which had a “for rent by owner” sign in the yard.  I called and left the owner a message.  On Thursday, I showed Craig where the house was – the for rent by owner sign was GONE! UGH!  Later that day, the owner returned my call and we went to see the house on Friday morning.  Through discussion, we learned that during a bad storm on Wednesday night, the sign blew out of the yard and they couldn’t find it – it was GONE!  Sometimes we look for signs in life – this time we were glad that we found that sign AND that the sign was then gone!  That’s God given timing!

Fast forward to this time last summer, June 2017, we were on our search for a rental house.  As part of this journey, we sold the house we had lived in for over 6 years and decided to rent while we built.  That experience was a real struggle.  We were thankful that Craig had his realtors license to make the search a little more convienent as we viewed NUMEROUS rental houses.  The rental house search included houses with visible mold, smelly mold, a house where a door knob fell off in our hand, a house where the carpet looked like a pet litter box, a house where there was dirt for a backyard (which would have been a daily nightmare with our very light colored yellow lab), a couple of houses where renovations were not completed on time and OH MY the houses with weird smells!  Within days of closing on our house, we signed papers for our current rental house – a house we are very thankful for – despite the fact that there’s a house within feet of us that has been tested and confirmed for a sinkhole – oh how I wish that I didn’t know what I know about sinkholes!  One more faith builder in life as the timing of this rental house was for us!

As we have not had any further construction on the house this week, we waited through the engineering process to approve the lentil for the french doors with a transom window above – a minor detail but we think it will have a big impact as a focal point in our new home.  We are reminding ourselves that patience is a virtue and that even as Owner-Builder that we are not in control of the timing.  Timing will work out and next summer we will look back on yet another June of unknown timing.

Sometimes you just have to get away to Busch Gardens and visit the giraffes to forget that we are at a stand still with the house this week!

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