Decisions! Decisions!

Decisions kept coming at us from every direction this week!  Good decisions, but a LOT of them, which we didn’t expect to have to make yet!

Windows…impact or hurricane shutters? Impact windows are great but they are very expensive. If we are in a hurricane we decided that we would still like the windows covered no matter what, so why spend the extra money. We are going to come out cheaper with double pane LowE windows and add shutters vs. going with impact windows.

Front door…which one…TBD.  Cast your vote in the comment section. Rustic (color as shown) or Craftsman (Navy Blue)? They will be 8′ double doors.

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Roof shingles…narrowed it down to two options.

Transom windows above the french door – should the transom window be above or below the lentil…below. This decision actually came pretty easy since the window and door company can provide us with a more uniform look with it being one unit.

Front porch pillars….how tall will be too tall…let’s make the height to be in line with the bottom of the front windows.

Dumpster size….10, 20 or 30 yard…30 yard was delivered mid-week. Now for the clean-up!

Insulation…Spray foam/foam board – lots of research to consider… open cell can absorb moisture and some spray foams still off gas VOC’s. Some people have had to rip off their roofs to remove the spray in an attempt to make their homes livable again.  Some foam boards are combustable, why would I do that. We chose a foam board that was Green Certified and met the standards with low VOC emissions.

Well pump electronic components needs to be protected from the sun…researching and drawing a plan for a mini construction project… Side post coming soon!


Looking forward to trusses being placed this week and framing to begin afterwards!!!


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