Are you a good neighbor? May I borrow some sugar? May I borrow your well water?


We have a well!!! How did we begin construction without a well???  The answer – great neighbors and three hoses attached together!

The speed bump in the road of a delayed well was smooth sailing because of great soon-to-be neighbors.  Are you a good neighbor?  Have you ever been blessed by neighbors who you could enjoy a conversation when you went out to check your mail?  Have you ever had a neighbor you could borrow a cup of sugar for the cake you were in the process of baking?  Have you ever borrowed red thread from a neighbor when your outfit came un-sewed right before you were dashing out the door to a Christmas party? Have you ever had a two year old neighbor who excitedly shouts “hello” when your garage door goes up?  Do you close your garage door before you even get out of your car and never see your neighbors?  Are you a good neighbor?

Our life has been richer because of the people we have been able to call neighbors over the years.  We miss our daily interactions with many of them.  When we purchased this property, it met our requirements: kids to play with our boys, friendly neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar or other ingredient when you are struck with the “oh no – I’m baking, but out of….” AND we have been blessed with neighbors helping us out before we even officially became neighbors.  Our speed bump was not having a company who was available to install a well in a timely manner.  Thank you Brewers for sharing your well water!  We haven’t been slowed down at all and are thankful that three hoses joined together allowed us to borrow water from our neighbor.

Do you need to get to know your neighbors? Don’t get so busy that you don’t take time to know the people who live around you!  You will miss out!

Blocks have been started… look for next weeks post and more pictures!






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