Pick Axe meets Plumbing Pipe!

May 12, 2018…..  Just be aware this is a process…..Not everything will go smooth. Being an owner-builder requires you to roll with the punches. Don’t get crazy when your circumstances get crazy!  Today, I (Craig) received a phone call from our awesome construction manager and it went a little something like this….

MANAGER: Hey, we are getting your slab prepped for Monday inspection, re-barb is going in, the last footers are being dug as well as the vapor barrier being installed.

Me: Great, sounds good…

Manager: Oh, one thing… We had a little mishap and we need the plumber to come fix the sewer pipe in the back bathroom.

Me: Okay, What happened?? (Now in my head the little voice was saying…. What?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Deep Breath.  Okay, let’s keep this in perspective.) 

MANAGER: While digging out the footer with the pick axe, one of the workers accidentally hit the pipe.

ME: Okay, I will get with the plumber.

Thankful in the grand scheme that it’s minor – a small problem which needs to be fixed quickly or else we won’t get our slab as scheduled.

Orange looks good on fruit, but not on pipes to indicate a crack!


We are thankful for this day and age where we have speed dial and text!  After a couple of texts, we should be all set!  I was able to explain the issue and the plumber replied that it should get fixed Monday afternoon. Whooot! Let’s here it for the schedule and the plumbers!

Now, as I sit here typing this blog post, I will be honest that I do have some anxiety about it happening. But, as I said in the beginning…..roll with the punches and don’t get crazy. When you begin a journey like this – go into it with expectations that things are going to happen. Don’t yell and scream, especially with your family – life is too short and your kids will only mirror your actions. Besides, you’re building this house for the ones you love and you certainly don’t want to go through all of this just to have them destroyed or deflated. Enjoy the journey every step of the way, even the small bumps in the road!

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