A life lesson & a “ufer”

March 29th….Look boys!  Here’s a life lesson on hard work…..the back hoe digger was broken but the guys were digging the dirt the ole fashioned way with shovels!  They had a job to do and they didn’t call it a day – they were determined to stay on schedule and get it done!  With the lack of work ethic in our society, this was a pleasant surprise and confirmed our decision for the company we had chosen!


The contractor called and said we needed to get a ufer put in.  A “whofer?”  “whatfer?” He said, “call your electrician and he will know what it is and where to put it.”  The electrician replied, “no problem” and the next day we had a UFER!  Do you know what a ufer is?  It’s a fancy (funny) name for a grounding wire.  It is attached to the rebarb in the footers on the side of the garage.  We have a ufer and look forward to footers!

IMG_5056 2

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  1. I’m glad you have an Ufer, and I’m happy to now know what one is. Based on how many times I’ve heard popping sounds and fried yet another adapter, I’m pretty sure they don’t use these in Africa.

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