A hidden treasure

October 2017…We really liked the large tree in the middle of the property until we learned that it was a cherry laurel tree.  It was an invasive species, whose roots are known to burrow into septic tanks, which made for an easy decision to take it down.  With this decision came our first big cost vs. experience decision.  Since cutting it down and hauling it away would have been over $1,200.00, we decided to cut it down ourselves and let someone else haul it away for less than half the original cost.  Our oldest son was excited to learn how to use a chainsaw! I mean what 14 year old boy wouldn’t be excited! GAS POWER TOOLS! Need I say more!  Several hours later, the tree was down and hauled away.


HOWEVER, the best part for me is that on the low part of the trunk, one of the branches, the wood had grown twisted and was HEART shaped.  I was so thankful they cut it down and noticed this special part of the tree.  When I saw it I was overwhelmed with the peace that it was time to move forward with the permitting.  What a detail!  A heart shaped tree trunk!  God was in control and hid a heart in the middle of the property that we will call home.


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